Join Our Wine Of The Month Club

Thanks to the incredible amount of success we’ve had over the last year, we’ve decided to finally start our own wine of the month club. There are a ton of existing wine clubs out there right now and really you could join any wine club, so why join the Charizma Wine of the Month Club? Because we go the extra mile that no other wine club out there does.

Not only do we source our own wines from many of the vineyards in and around Guerneville, California, but we are also members of a good number of the major wine clubs, like the Virgin Wine Club, Laithwaites Wine Club and the Zagat Wine Club that ship us some of the best wine from around the world.

Now, we’re not the first to sign up for these well known wine clubs, but we are the first wine club to every reship the wines we receive from these major wine clubs to our own wine club members. Why would we do that? Because not every wine you get from the Wall Street Journal Wine Club is going to be amazing. Just click on the link above and read the review of the WSJ Wine Club and you’ll see that only 75% of the wine you get from them is worth talking about.

What that means is that when you sign up for the Charizma Wine of the Month Club, you REALLY ARE going to get the best of the best that all the major wine clubs and local California vineyards have to offer. We stand by our wine club and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your membership. Simply drop us an email or call us and we’ll not only cancel your subscription, but refund you for the wines you received that you didn’t like. Also, if you’re looking for a good place to enjoy our wines, be sure to read this write up.

And on a final note, one of our favorite wineries that we’ll be featuring in our wine club is going to be the Porter Bass Winery, so be sure to sign up in order to get all their great wines delivered right to your door. Not only do they offer amazing Pinot Noir wine, but they also have been reviewed by the Plonk Wine Club and received hundreds of five star reviews there. Here’s more about Porter Bass to whet your taste buds for something amazing: